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+30 210 322 92 07

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Yanni Gallery

Yanni Gallery has been characterized as a "cultural meeting spot" by many. In the mid-eighties, the artist established his gallery in the historical centre of Athens. That gave him the unique opportunity to constantly exhibit his artwork, thus creating space for dialogue with a larger audience. People from all over the world visit the gallery again and again as they find a hospitable high-quality artistic environment. The works displayed are not just for sale but they also provide food for thought and discussion. The artist's purpose is to communicate his artistic qualities to the viewer through his creations while sharing his views and values.
Oftentimes, groups of art and philosophy students as well groups of art lovers from all over the planet arrange visits to Yanni Gallery.
In his space, you will find Yanni's classic creations as well as a great collection of his latest works, from sculptures to paintings, prints but also jewellery.

Voulis 44 A Street
Athens 10557
Tel: +30 210 322 92 07