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Artist Profile - Yanni Souvatzoglou

A Greek from Constantinople and son of a cotton fabric merchant, his talent was passed on to him by his mother who was a portrait painter.

From a very young age, Yanni started experimenting on fabric paintings and moved into graphic design where he became familiar with industrial photographic reproductions developing almost three-dimensional images.

His graphic arts skills served as a platform for his sculptural structures.


At the same time, Yanni studied Art under the supervision of Prof. P. Tetsis in Athens. Influenced mainly by the Minoan and Cycladic era, he often manages to evoke such images in his concepts. Since 1980, he has been running an atelier for multiple techniques and art applications. However, he has not quit design and many corporations have trusted his creative imagination.

His art is collected worldwide. He has participated in major shows and been awarded prizes for several pieces of his work. Many galleries across the world sell his artwork.

Yanni through the years has received worldwide recognition, participating in the OECD’s art auctionIn Paris 2013, exhibiting in Toyamura museum of Arts 2003, winning the national exhibition prize in Athens by the Greece Ministry of Culture in 1982 for the sculpture ‘’Eros’’ and more.

He is a member of:
. The  Hellenic Chamber of Arts.
. The Hellenic Sculptor's Union.
. The  Hellenic Ceramic's Union.